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Insecta Mundi
2014 Manuscript Processing Flow
2014 Reorganization Proposal
Editor Guidelines

Editor Information

In 2014, key members of our small Editorial staff had life altering events and had to step back from assisting. This put excessive strain on those that remained, who were unable to keep up with manuscript flow. It was decided by the Editorial Board that a reorganization in manuscript flow and an expansion of our volunteer base was required. These changes are discussed in the 2014 Manuscript processing flow and in the 2014 Reorganization proposal .

The two biggest changes are 1) we require more author participation in manuscript preparation, as discussed on the Author Instructions page, and 2) an increase in numbers and functions of the Review Editors (previously called Subject Editors).

Our Review Editors work with authors to confirm the quality of the work as do other journal's Subject Editors, but they also work to make sure the document is clean both in presentation and electronic coding so that it will be compatible with layout programs. Most of this is a process learned by doing. We provide Manuscript Preparation Rules and Guidelines and Editor guidelines to assist in the process. Authors are welcome to look over the documents to better understand the full publication process.

Review Editors are welcome to contact us to discuss the policies and procedures.

Chief Editor: David Plotkin
Assistant Editor: Paul E. Skelley
email: insectamundi(at)gmail.com
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